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The 121st NY Volunteers

This site has been created by Lori L. Paparteys
and is dedicated to her Great great great great grandfather,
Nicholas Johnson, of the 121st NY Co. D.
And it is also dedicated to her other Great great great great grandfather,
Jeremiah Parish, of the 152nd NY Co. H.

Please email Lori at: llpapar@currieweb.com if you have information
or would like information on the 121st NY, the 152nd NY or either of these soldiers.
121st Monument at Little Round Top
The 121st Monument at Little Round Top in Gettysburg, PA.

6th Corps Badges
The 1st, 2nd and 3rd Division badges of the 6th Corps.

All information contained on this website was gathered from the following sources and is NOT guaranteed to be accurate:

*History of the 121st New York State Infantry....By Issac O. Best
*The Civil War Database Online
*The Otsego County, NY GenWeb Page

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