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The Towns Recruits Enlisted From

The 121st NY Volunteer Infantry mustered in men from all over the upstate NY area. Below is a listing of towns and the corresponding companies from those towns.

*Co. A - Manheim, Little Falls, Salisbury and Danube
*Co. B - Winfield, Plainfield, Litchfiled, German Flats, Columbia and Stark
*Co. C - Fairfield, Russia, Herkimer and Newport
*Co. D - Frankfort, Warren, Manheim, Schuyler, Columbia and Salisbury
*Co. E - Middlefield, Milford, Cherry Valley, Hartwick, Springfield, Otego and Roseboom
*Co. F - Edmeston, Exeter, Unadilla, Otego and Maryland
*Co. G - Cherry Valley, Roseboom, Decatur, Middlefield, Westford, Worchester
and Herkimer
*Co. H - Little Falls, Richfield, Salisbury and Otego
*Co. I - Milford, Laurens, Morris, Worchester, Pittsfield, Hartwick and German Flats
*Co. K - Laurens, New Lisbon, Oneonta, Burlington, Otego, Butternuts, Pittsfield
and Plainfield

The 121st was mustered in on August 23, 1862 and left NYS on September 2, 1862 for Washington D.C. They were mustered out and honorably discharged, under Col. Egbert Olcott, on June 25, 1865 in Halls Hill, Virginia.

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