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Gen. Emory Upton

Leaders of the 121st NY

The following is a letter from the Adjutant General's office in Albany, NY, detailing the list of commanding officers for the 121st NY as of August 21st, 1862.


Albany, August 21, 1862.

  Special order
  No. 463

      The several companies of volunteers enlisted in the 20th Senatorial District of this State, in conformity with General Order No. 52 from this department, having been duly organized, said companies are hereby formed into a regiment, to be known and designated as the 121st Regiment of the New York State Volunteers.
      The following persons are hereby appointed field staff and company officers, and will be commissioned when the complete muster rolls of the regiment thus organized shall have been filed in the office of the Adjutant General of the State.

    Colonel: Richard Franchot
    Lieutenant Colonel: C.H. Clark
    Major: Egbert Olcott
    Surgeon: Wm. Bassett
    1st Assistant Surgeon: N.S.B. Valentine
    2nd Assistant Surgeon: David M. Holt
    Chaplain: J.R. Sage
    Adjutant: Alonzo Ferguson
    Quartermaster: Albert Story

   Co. A
    Captain: H.M. Galpin
    1st Lieutenant: Jonathan Burrill
    2nd Lieutenant: George W. Davis

   Co. B
    Captain: Irvin Holcomb
    1st Lieutenant: H.C. Keith
    2nd Lieutenant: George A. May

   Co. C
    Captain: C.A. Moon
    1st Lieutenant: Thomas S. Arnold
    2nd Lieutenant: Angus Cameron

   Co. D
    Captain: John D. Fish
    1st Lieutenant: D.M. Kenyon
    2nd Lieutenant: Charles E. Staring

   Co. E
    Captain: Douglas Campbell
    1st Lieutenant: Theodore Sternburg
    2nd Lieutenant: Harrison Van Horn

   Co. F
    Captain: Nelson O. Wendell
    1st Lieutenant: Byron T. Peck
    2nd Lieutenant: Frank G. Bolles

   Co. G
    Captain: Edwin Park
    1st Lieutenant: Charles T. Ferguson
    2nd Lieutenant: J.D. Clyde

   Co. H
    Captain: John Ramsey
    1st Lieutenant: W.F. Doubleday
    2nd Lieutenant: Marcus R. Casler

    Captain: John S. Kidder
    1st Lieutenant: John D.P. Douw
    2nd Lieutenant: Delavan Bates

   Co. K
    Captain: Sacket M. Olin
    1st Lieutenant: Andrew E Mather

By order of the Commander in Chief
(signed)   JNO. HILLHOUSE,
Adjutant General.

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