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Cartridge Box and SNY Plate

Civil War Bayonets and Scabbards

Muskets and Accoutrements of the 121st NY

Originally the regiment was issued Enfield muskets with all the standard sets accoutrements including the following:
*Knifes, Forks and Spoons
*Tin plates

During and after the battle of Salem Church in 1863, many of the originally issued Enfield muskets, from the 1862 issue of arms, were replaced with Springfield muskets. During this time, quarterly ordnance returns showed a trend for units to using the Springfield muskets as the 121st and other regiments by the eve of Gettysburg had rearmed themselves. Some companies also had been armed with one or the other exclusively for long periods of time suggesting that the commanders had a great deal of influence by either allowing or prohibiting soldiers from selecting the rifles they had preferred. In the same manner as muskets, some had also exercised choice of equiptment as Col. Beckwith had discarded his backpack for a blanket roll.

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