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Civil War Bayonets and Scabbards

Experimental Steel Scabbards

As the Civil War progressed, the arms and equipment had also progressed. One example of this progression is the issuance of steel scabbards to the men.
On November 18th, 1863, Major A.E. Mather had responded to the
Chief of Ordnance that:
"About the 25th of September last 18 steel bayonet scabbards were issued in the regiment. They seem more durable than those made of leather but, with hardly an exception, the men dislike them and I believe all in the regiment were thrown away and replaced by the leather scabbard on the battlefield at Rappahonnock."1

1 = R.B., N.A. Correspondence A.E. Mather to Brig. General Ramsey, November 18th, 1863.

Side note: The picture of the scabbards above are leather scabbards. I have no pictures, nor do I know of any existing pictures of the steel scabbards that were mentioned in the unit history. If anyone has any, please e-mail me at:

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