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Union Soldier

Uniforms of the 121st NY

Although the uniform details are a little sketchy, we can draw up our own conclusions about what the soldiers were issued and how they customized their uniforms and equipment to fit both their own personal liking, and regimental and Union Army standards through diary entries, photographs, letters and regimental records.

Upon the units assembly at Camp Schuyler, the following standard sets of uniforms were issued to the soldiers:

*Forage Caps
*Great Coats
*Frock Coats
*Fatigue Blouses

The following extras for Non Commissioned Officers, or NCO's, were issued:


And the following extras for Non Commissioned Staff and Orderly Sergeants were issued:

The only insignias that were issued to the unit were the brass for the mens caps, designating the 10 companies of the regiment.

There was a great deal of emphasis put on having clean uniforms, with them kept up and in proper repair. For guards and soldiers on parade, they were given white gloves, and even as late as January of 1865, orders were issued for guards. Those orders were that they MUST wear their white gloves and also to be sure that "their persons, arms, accoutrements and clothing are perfectly clean and in good order, with bugles attached to their caps, well polished, and badges sewed on [at] the proper place above the bugle." 1 Also, there were such things as incentives for men that had the "best soldierly appearance".

1 = R.B., N.A. General Order #19, March 27th, 1863,
and General Order #1, January 8th,1865.

Soldier picture courtesy of The Civil War Database Online

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