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Where did the 76th begin?

121st New York Volunteer Infantry



76th New York Volunteer Infantry
Useful Internet Resources

    Corporal Matt Nelson maintains the main unit website.  He has an wide array of information and many research links on his site.  Corporal Nelson also hosts a messaging board which is heavily trafficked.  If you want to know more about our unit and Civil War Reenacting / Living History in general here are some good links:
     This is the main 76th NYVI website.
     This is the unit messaging board.
     This is a highly researched list of supplies needed to reenact with our unit 
      This is our Captain Gary Thompson.  He is the man who started our unit and is the one that you want to contact to join the 76th.
       This is a link to a geneology site with individual state regimental information.
        This is a resource page full of useful links for researching our colorful regiment.