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Below is a copy of the recruitment notice originally sent to each town around Cortland and adjoining counties.
Lori Paparteys scanned and corrected it for publication on this site.

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  Loyal Friends:- It behooves us to address to you a few earnest and practical words in behalf of our disturbed country.
   It cannot be unappreciated by you that at this moment the greatest issue of the age is pending; that the best, and mildest, and freest Government ever known to mankind is in imminent peril; that the national enemies are fully armed, alert, banded and desperate, while the peaceful and home-loving loyalists of the great and powerful North are comparatively unaroused; that within the next ninety days the enemy must be crippled, or otherwise this great people, now familiar only with the arts of peace, must know also the arts is well as the calamities of war; that nothing but a prompt rally to the nation's standard, to the flag of our fathers, can avert the necessity of passing this war down to the next generation, when it should be only a war of to-day. Delay does but invite foreign interference.
  With these evident and startling facts before us, and impelled by duty, it has been deemed advisable to make a strong and united effort to organize, arm, equip and bring to the field, at once, a well-drilled regiment of infantry from these central counties; and looking into our own hearts and knowing the tone and character and the patriotism of these counties-the heart of the Empire State, whose great past has so well illustrated its motto of "Excelsior,"-it has not been doubted that to open the way for such an enterprise would be to insure its success.
   Having this end in view, the undersigned have procured from the Adjutant-General of the State the necessary authority and made the following arrangements, viz:-"That whenever eight companies for the force now organizing under General Order No. 78, of not less than 32 men each, shall have assembled at (Cortland Village), and shall have been inspected and mustered into the service of the United States, that said point of rendezvous shall be considered a branch of the Depot at Albany, and 30 cents per day for subsistence shall thereafter be allowed for each recruit, until the regiment shall be organized or ordered into service."
  Therefore the attention of our fellow citizens is called to the following


  Any and all persons wishing to organize a company for the above regi-
ment will
  First-Ascertain how many able-bodied men, between the ages of 18 and 45 can be enrolled in their locality.
  Second-If 64 men cannot be so enrolled, (exclusive of officers, of whom there will be 16, to wit:- 8 corporals, 5 sergeants, and 3 commissioned officers), then to unite with one or more other towns or neighborhoods, until the requisite number can be made up.
  Third-When 32 of the said number are so enrolled, to report the fact
immediately by mail to Nelson W. Green, Cortland Village, N. Y., and proceed at once to enrol the remaining number of 64 privates, and when that number is completed, to also report that fact as above,
  Upon application, the necessary papers of enlistment will be sent to
those wishing to organize companies.
  The undersigned would add that they have entire confidence in the competency of Nelson W. Green, Esq., to whom the reports of enrollments are asked to be made, he having received a military education at West Point.
  The volunteers, as they arrive will have the benefit of a perfect drill
under Mr. Green.
  Dated Cortland Village, Cortland Co., N.Y., Sept. 2, 1861.

HIRAM CRANDALL, County Judge,               HENRY STEPHENS,
R. H. DUELL, M. C.,                                             HENRY S. RANDALL,
H.J. MESSENGER, Banker,                               HORATIO BALLARD,
WM. R. RANDALL, Banker,                             CHARLES FOSTER,
A. W. OGDEN, County Clerk,                            ARTHUR HOLMES,
SILAS BALDWIN, Sheriff,                                J.T. DAVIDSON,
A. J. GROVER, Pastor M. E. Church,               DANIEL NYE,
GEO. B. JONES, District Attorney,                  JOSIAH HART, Jr.,
CHARLES P. COLE, Editor Gazette,                M.M. WATERS,
E. D. VAN SLYCK, Editor Banner,                    A. P. SMITH,
FRED A. GEE,                                                         P. B. DAVIS,
FREDERICK IVES,                                                H. A. JARVIS,
H. P. GOODRICH,                                                 ANSON FAIRCHILD, 
JOSIAH HART,                                                     L. H. UTLEY,
E. H. DOUD,                                                            F. GOODYEAR, M. D., 
J.S. BARBER,                                                        G. N. COPELAND
M.GOODRICH,                                                      D. C. CLOYES,
S. BREWER,                                                           M. GOODYEAR, M. D.

  Persons wishing to form companies will be furnished with speakers to
address public meetings, upon application to N. W. Green.