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Mad Scientist's Lab Carnivorous Plants
 of Upstate New York Project

New York State Carnivorous Plant List

Compiled by Steven R. Currie with the help of USDA records


Drosera Rotundfolia
Drosera Rotundfolia waking up for Spring 2005

  As part of our growing (pardon the pun) Carnivorous Plant collection here are our Drosera Rotundfolia waking up from their winter hibernation.   These plants were grown from seed and have been growing since about October 2003.  As you can see in the picture, Spaghnum Moss and some kind of Bog Grass is also growing in the flower box.
  The container holds at least seven plants.  So far the two biggest plants have awakened as of March 12th, 2005.  We are hoping for flowers this year.

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