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Otsego County Living History Logo is a site created by Steven R. Currie and Lori L. Paparteys for the purposes of reporting on  our adventures in Civil War reenacting as well as providing information related to this project.
  All of our site revolves around Otsego County, NY and its history.
  We intend our site to contain the following:
 - Anything on any period of history involving Living History which relates to Otsego County and its residents past or present.
 - By extension reporting on anything Living History related to Otsego County or its residents past or present.
 - Because we are computer technicians and network administrators (which runs this site) we wish to provide helpfule information especially aimed at our hobby.
 -  We intend to also display special projects that we are involved in such as robotics, programming or Otsego County Carnivorous plant research.


  This website owned and maintained by Steven R. Currie and Lori L. Paparteys.  Any information contained on this site is used at your own risk without any warranty or guarantee of fitness for any purpose.  All articles on this site express opinions and views held by their authors and NOT necessarily the owners of this domain.  2003, Steven R. Currie

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