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Welcome to! We continue to evolve this site to cover Living History subjects as well as a few loosely related subjects of interest to our readers. Our favorite New York Volunteer Infantry, Company H of the 76th NYSVI are also to be found here.
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Thursday, July 15, 2004

Ben Newton Memorial Civil War Weekend at Newtown Battlefield, Elmira, NY
On April 30th-May 2nd memebers of the 76th NYVI, Co. H attended Ben Newton Memorial Civil War weekend in Elmira, New York.
Posted at 6:43:47 PM EDT by srcurrie

Memorial Day Parade and Company H Picnic. Cherry Valley, NY
On Memorial Day 2004 the 76th NYVI, Company H marched in the parade at Cherry Valley, NY. Company H was lucky enough to have Jon Sluti back on leave from the US Marine Corps.
Posted at 6:43:47 PM EDT by srcurrie

Covered Bridge Days/Civil War Reenactment-Encampment, Salisbury Center, NY.
On June 4th-6th, 2004 the 76th attended the Covered Bridge Days/Civil War Reenactment-Encampment in Salisbury Center, NY.
Posted at 6:43:47 PM EDT by srcurrie

Annual Town of Springfield 4th of July Parade and Celebration. Living History Encampment Company H, 76th NYSVI.
On July 5th, 2004 the 76th marched in the Annual Springfield Center 4th of July Parade. Jon Sluti was with us again from the US Marine Corps and he became our Flag Bearer for the event.
Posted at 6:43:47 PM EDT by srcurrie

Survey Results
Our question: What political group does your impression belong to?
Posted at 6:43:47 PM EDT by srcurrie

EVENT UPDATE: Cherry Valley NY July 17th and 18th
Posted at 6:43:47 PM EDT by srcurrie

Tuesday, April 14, 2004

76th Members learn the fife
A few of the members of the 76th have been learning to play the fife as well as other period instruments. The hope is that by learning these instruments we can increase our authenticity at Living History Events.
Posted at 6:43:47 PM EDT by srcurrie

Regimental History of the 76th New York Volunteer Infantry
Every reenactor units uses some "Primary Sources". In fact we all hope that primary sources are a large part of a units research. The 76th is no different
Posted at 6:43:47 PM EDT by srcurrie

Saturday, February 7, 2004 Attacked! was attacked early on February 7th by hackers attemping to replace the index page with inappropriate content. The site was restored from backup.
Posted at 6:43:47 PM EDT by srcurrie

Articles Archived
Articles on are archived automatically on a schedule. If you do not see much content simply click on our Archives link!
Posted at 6:37:14 PM EDT by srcurrie

Federal Issue Shirt from Gabriels Banner
The white cotton shirt often seen at reenactments is not the issue shirt normally issued to US soldiers in 1861-1865. The shirt normally issued was made of Domet Flannel, grey or off-white in color and included a single button on the collar.
Steve has purchased a Federal Issue Shirt from based on Mr. Childs shirt pattern (see Other shirts were available to the soldiers.

Posted at 6:30:24 PM EDT by srcurrie

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